Western Square
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Sure Stack

Our sure stack bins are designed to solve your storage problem. Comes in varying sizes, including a specially designed bin for winery kegs and brewery kegs and distillery kegs. 

The Sure Stack


Your storage problems are solved with the Western Square Sure Stack. These specialized bins are currently being used to store a variety of products including bottles and kegs.

Sure Stack cover photo.jpg


  • Heavy Duty Steel
  • Commercial "rack on rack" system
  • Indoor & Outdoor storage
  • Each bin can accommodate half a ton of materials
  • Weather resistant thermo-set resin finish
  • Lightweight
  • Easily moved or stacked by a forklift
  • Stackable six bins high
  • Bottom three bins accessible without a ladder


  • Half ton capacity, each bin
  • 65 pounds
  • 38.5" deep x 44.5" wide x 27" tall
  • 16 gauge 1.5" square tubing
  • 4" x 4" stacking foot for easy alignment
  • Each stacking foot can accommodate six tons of weight
  • Enclosed by chain or 8 gauge 4" x 2" steel mesh (optional)

inner dimensions

  • Bottom: 35.75" deep by 41.75" wide
  • Back: 19.75" tall by 41.75" wide
  • Side: 19.75" tall by 35.75" deep
  • Front: 10.75" tall by 41.75" deep (optional)
  • Opening: 10" tall by 41.75" wide (optional)