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Bottled Water Racks

Bottled water racks for easy bottled water storage and distribution. Comes in six different sizes for different storage systems. 

The Stack Rack


Western Square's bottled water rack, the Stack Rack, comes in six standard sizes, which accommodate different bottling systems and styles. With our expertise and knowledge, we can assure that our products meet the needs of your company. 



Standard sizes are 18, 24, 30, 32 and 40 bottle quantities. We invite inquiries for special sizes.

The Top: Each rack is designed with the forklift driver in mind. A rail is provided on the top of each rack to give the forklift driver a guide for stacking and un-stacking. 

The Feet: Our steel forklift foot is specifically designed to suit a conveyor and automatic loader. We've designed a tapering front bar that allows the forklift to slide easily underneath the rack and into the foot. 

Support: Bottles are supported by 1" round tubing welded to the frame in three places and protected with replaceable plastic sleeves. Our tube is specially bent to provide a smoother landing base, preventing bottle cuts and damage. A 1" square tube provides extra vertical support, increasing strength for heavy loads.

Configuration5-gallon bottles fit two deep in our Stack Rack. 3-gallon bottles fit three deep. 

Back Strap: The back strap is 4" wide for strength, and also acts as an extra barrier for the bottles. When loading two racks deep on a flatbed truck or van, the front rack acts as a wall to prevent bottles from slipping out. 

Cost Savings: Using the Western Square Stack Rack in your bottling system eliminates continual costs associated with crates and pallets. The added safety the Stack Rack provides your employees peace of mind while they work.