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Chicken Coop

CoopMaster Chicken Coop ideal for both urban and countryside settings. Whether you want to grow a large brood or a keep a few chickens in the backyard, this coop is built for you. 

CoopMaster Chicken Coop


The CoopMaster Chicken Coop is the ideal housing solution for your chickens. Whether you are the avid chicken farmer wanting to grow a large scale brood on the ranch or a family with a few chickens in the backyard, this coop is built to work for you.

The CoopMaster Chicken Coop holds 6 to 8 chickens and weighs apporximately 170 pounds. It is built out of mild steel and is TUFF GUARD powder coated for durability, safety, and style.





  • Fully Assembled 4' x 5' 
  • Comes with a roost and five built in nest boxes
  • Front opening door doubles as a ramp
  • Back door for egg retrieval
  • Roof opens for easy cleaning
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel construction
  • Reflective roof keeps chickens cool and dry
  • Elevated one foot for rodent protection
  • Toe hooks on both sides for easy movement
  • Expanded mesh floor for air ventilation & droppings