Western Square
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The Big Dipper

A three ton capacity harvest bin with a self-dumping hydraulic system, designed for six foot vineyard rows. 


The Big Dipper

The Western Square Big Dipper is a 3-ton harvest bin with a specially designed hydraulic system that, with your help, will lift and dump itself. The Big Dipper is designed for use with a mechanical harvester and is perfect for six foot wide vineyard rows.

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innovative design

Powered by your attached tractor, The Big Dipper's hydraulic system will both lift and dump its load as directed by a single tractor lever. Its efficient design allows it to fit in vineyard rows as narrow as six feet.

Our durable powder coating adds a lasting finish to the heavy-duty mild steel trailer frame. The high-grade stainless steel bin has a 3-ton capacity and can be removed for maintenance.



  • Designed for 6' vineyard rows
  • Single remote control valve operated from tractor
  • Load cells scale system allowing accurate harvest weights in the field
  • 9.5 x 15 water filled tires for balance
  • Heavy duty trailer frame with durable powder coating finish
  • High grade stainless steel gondola with approximately three ton capacity
  • Hydraulic side stabilizers for dumping
  • Industrial grade hydraulic lift cylinders
  • Adjustable height hitch
  • Access steps for bin inspection
  • Running gear rated at 10,400 pounds
  • Tandem axles

See our Big Dipper in action!