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Seismic Safety System

 Seismic Safety System

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Western Square Industries has partnered with EQX Global to develop a unique method of making barrel rooms safer. Together we tested our Seismic Safety Tray on variety of surfaces to determine the greatest combination of safety and stability. The result of is our Seismic Safety Tray on an epoxy coated floor.


How it works

  • In a barrel stack, the stainless steel tray attaches underneath the bottom rack.

  • The tray is placed on a concrete epoxy coated floor with the plastic slides face down.

  • In an earthquake, the tray will slide against the movement of the earth.

  • This decreases sway and increases the stability of the stack.

Spring-loaded bar

Spring-loaded bar

Seismic Safety Tray (upside down)

Seismic Safety Tray (upside down)

Easy Attachment

  • With the flick of a finger, place the spring-loaded bar in the open position.

  • Forklift the stack on top of the Safety Tray.

  • Flip the spring-loaded bar closed to attach the tray to the bottom rack.

Video presentation

Presenting our Seismic Safety System, including tests performed at UC Berkeley’s Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center’s (PEER) Earthquake Simulator Lab on the largest shake table in the United States.

You’ll notice some technical information next to each test that will allow you to compare differences between each test. Here is a key to help you understand that information:

  • The earthquake that is replicated.

  • The difference in strength of the replication, in relation to the original quake.

  • The peak acceleration of the shake table in G-forces.

  • Whether our Seismic Safety Tray is attached or not attached.

  • The type of floor surface.


View both two and four barrel seismic tests in the adjacent videos. A full technical report on all tests is available upon request.