Western Square
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Cave Racks

A wine barrel rack specifically designed for use in cave. The cave barrel rack comes in multiples sizes: two barrels, three barrels and four barrels. 


Cave Racks

The Western Square Cave Barrel Rack is built out of stainless steel or powder coated mild steel. This system gives you an alternative solution if you do not have the ability to use our traditional barrel racks due to low ceilings or tight floor space. 

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Multiple Sizes

Our cave rack system comes in three different sizes: two barrels (as pictured on the left), three barrels, and four barrels. 

The barrels rest on the standard Western Square cradles and each barrel is approximately five inches apart (depending on the cooper) allowing the cellar crews the ability to work the barrels in place.

Pyramid Cradle

Our cave rack system was designed to use Western Square pyramid cradles to support the second, third or fourth row of barrels.

Our pyramid cradles come powder coated in the color of your choice, or in stainless steel. 



Locking Bar

Our cave rack system utilizes a locking bar that connects two sections together without losing any barrel space. Its purpose is to maintain uniform spacing and keeps racks from moving.

We designed the cave rack in this fashion so one person can maneuver a single rack, easily removing it so the cave floor can be cleaned. Additionally, the rack does not flex under the weight of your barrels.