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Barrel Master

Specially designed wine barrel racks. Special rack on rack stacking system. More sturdy and structurally sound than rack on barrel systems. 


Barrel Master

The Western Square Barrel Master's patented stacking system provides the most visibility and accessibility to your barrels with a more stable footprint. Barrel Master wheels allows barrel to roll in place and yet have the same reliability as Western Square's traditional systems.

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Rack on Rack System

The Barrel Master system is a rack-on-rack structure, which provides the most visibility and accessibility to your barrels. It allows mixing of barrels, taller stacks, with extra stability, visibility and accessibility. When empty, this barrel rack can be nested into a neat stack for storage. 

The Barrel Master is available in stainless steel, powder coating in the color of your choice, or a special double coat: primer plus powder coat.

You have the option of wheels or traditional cradles. With wheels, barrels can be rotated 180 degrees in each direction. 



  • Wide footprint
  • May be stacked eight racks high, the tallest system we offer
  • Barrels can be rotated 180 degrees in either direction
  • Posts help prevent barrels from rolling off
  • Barrels rest on racks, not other barrels
  • Can store different barrels on the same rack
  • Forklift can enter from all four sides
  • There's room for topping and pumping
  • Unique interlocking loading system without horizontal protrusions
  • Can be nested for effecient storage
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