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Barrel Racks

Brewery barrel racks and disillery barrel racks of different shapes, sizes and styles. Two barrel racks and four barrel racks. 10 gallon barrel racks, 30 gallon barrel racks and 50 gallon barrels racks. 

Barrel Racks


Western Square barrel racks are produced to order in either stainless steel or powder coated mild steel. Our barrel racks are designed to accommodate a wide variety of oak barrels from 10 to 70 gallon capacity in both Bordeaux and Burgundy shapes. We also offer a wide range of specialized styles, including puncheon, cave, and half to name a few. Please refer below for our most popular options.


double bar rack, stainless steel

The Double Bar Rack offers strength and stability. It has a 7" forklift opening which allows enough room for access between barrels for inspection and maintenance. 

double bar rack, powder coated

The Double Bar Rack better resists twisting. When fully loaded, the double bar rack provides a safer situation when lifting barrels from the side. The forklift enters between the two double bars rather than under a single bar. 

double bar rack, powder coated available in various colors

Powder coated barrel racks come in a variety of colors, including but not limited to: red, burgundy, beige, blue, green, pink, silver, brown, and black. 

Every computer screen shows colors differently. The color seen here may not be an exact match of the physical product.


Four Barrel rack - BIG FOOT

Our Four Barrel Rack, affectionately titled Big Foot, has great stability with a 7” forklift opening. With more than double the base of our two barrel racks, it is our prime recommendation for stacking six barrels high.


Half Rack

Pictured here in powder coated beige, the Half Rack is designed for the bottom tier where head space is a consideration. It has the unique feature of being accessible by pallet jack from all four sides.

Note: The Half Rack is not compatible with the Western Square barrel washing system.