Western Square
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Barrel Washing System

Brewery barrel washing system. Barrel washer stand and wand. 


Barrel Washing System

Western Square's barrel washing system is an efficient 3-step system. Workers using our washing system can clean, drain, and replace barrels without ever lifting a barrel by hand.


step 1

Use a forklift to lower a rack with barrels onto the roller stand, leaving the barrels to rest on the roller stand's wheels while the rack drops out of the way. Turn the barrels upside down to dump the lees. 

Note: There is room on the side of the roller to slide a five-gallon bucket under the bung hole. 

step 2

Rotate the barrels to the eight o'clock position, pictured above, to easily insert the wand and spinning ball. 

Step 3

Return the barrels to six o'clock. Place the washer wand firmly on the frame of the roller stand. Turn on water to start the washing cycle. 

Once the barrels are clean, reverse the procedure.