Barrel Washing System

Save your back! Never lift a barrel again!

Picture of Barrel Washing System

Western Square's barrel washing system, consisting of one roller and two wands, was designed to save your back, not to save time. Labor costs will remain comparable to other barrel washing systems. However, this system can be made much more labor efficient by employing two workers using three rollers but still only two wands:

At station A, two barrels are being washed. At station B, two barrels are being drained. At station C, the forklift  is removing two clean barrels and replacing them with two unwashed barrels. Then, the workers rotate. At station C barrels are washed, at A they are drained, and the forklift moves to station B.

Should you desire to use a pressure washer, Western Square has a high pressure, low volume solution that works with our barrel roller. Please contact your Western Square representative for more information.

Barrel-Washing System:

Picture of Barrel Washing System

Picture of Barrel Washing System

Western Square's barrel washing system is designed for use with portable steel barrel racks to allow you to clean your barrels without lifting them from the rack. The system is simple:

Lower the rack, with barrels, onto the roller, leaving the barrels to rest on the roller's wheels while the rack dips out of the way. (Pictured above.) Then, turn the barrels upside down to dump the lees. Note: there is room on the side of the roller to slide a five-gallon bucket under the bung holes.

Rotate the barrels to the four o'clock position (pictured top right) to easily insert spray balls. Rotate the barrels back to six o'clock. Place the washer wand firmly on the frame of the roller rack. (Pictured bottom right.) Turn on water. Walk away.

Once the barrels are clean, reverse the procedure. Remove the washer wand and spray balls. Raise the rack with your forklift, picking up the barrels as you lift.

With the Western Square Barrel Washing System, barrels are washed at a convenient working level without ever lifting a barrel by hand. The rollers are built of heavy gauge steel tubing and are powder-coated for exceptional corrosion protection. Washer wands are stainless steel with brass ball valves. Western Square offers a stainless steel spray ball that attaches to the wand.

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