Stack Rack Features

Picture of Western Square

width: 37", height: 55"
depth: 39", weight: 175 lbs.

The Top: Each water rack produced by Western Square is designed with the forklift driver in mind. A rail is provided on the top of each rack, so the forklift driver has a guide making stacking and un-stacking simpler and faster.

The Feet: The 6" x 3/16" steel forklift foot is specifically designed to suit a conveyor and automatic loader. Racks can be moved from four different sides and are stackable. To prevent fork damage to bottles or racks, Western Square has designed a tapering front bar that will allow the forklift foot to slide easily underneath the rack into the forklift foot.

Extra Horizontal and Vertical Support: Bottles are supported by 1" round tubing welded to the frame in three places instead of two and covered with replaceable plastic sleeves. This 1" round tubing has been specially bent in the front of each rack to provide a smoother loading base, preventing bottle cuts and damage.To increase vertical support we have added a 1" square bar to each side of the rack, increasing strength for the heavier loads. This added support makes these racks ideal for use with the heavier glass bottle.

Picture of Western Square

width: 37", height: 66"
depth: 39", weight: 205 lbs.

Bottle Configuration: Western Square water racks are designed two deep for five-gallon bottles and three deep for three-gallon bottles. This will allow the delivery driver ease of replacement and distribution during delivery routes.

Wide Back Strap: The back strap is a 4" wide strap which gives the rack overall strength. This strap not only provides strength, but is also conveniently placed. This strap can act as a barrier for bottles when the bottles are loaded two racks deep on a flatbed truck or van. The front rack will act as wall to prevent the bottles behind it from slipping out.

Cost Savings: With the introduction of our water racks into your bottling system, continual costs associated with crates and pallets can be eliminated. Added safety to employees is obtained because of the ease in loading and unloading. Each Western Square water rack will provide your operation with the ability to increase productivity which will enable you to put more bottles on the road. Isn't it time you stacked up the cost savings with the Western Square Stack Rack?

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