Galvanized 5 Panel Gates

Picture of Western Square Five Panel Gate

Western Square Five Panel Gates are a step above the rest. This is a stronger and more durable, galvanized, light-duty gate. This versatile gate is ideal for ranch use. The riveted construction makes this gate strong but economical.


Height: 52"
Five roll-formed galvanized sheet-metal panels
Easy slide latch
5/8" by 4 1/2" lag screw

Silverado Economy Tube Gate

Picture of Silverado Economy Tube Gate

Silverado Economy Tube Gate - The perfect balance between looks and economy. This silver TUFF GUARD powder coated gate will protect against corrosion for years. Heavy-duty chain and threaded bolt hinge make this gate the ultimate light duty solution.


Height: 48 inches
Rails: 1 5/8" round tube
Latch: 30 inch, 3-16" welded chain
Hinges: 5/8" by 12" threaded rod
Number of vertical rails:
One vertical rail for 8', 10' and 12'
Two vertical rails for 14' and 16'
Finish: Silver TUFF GUARD polyester powder coating

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