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Western Square has been in business in Stockton, California for over 22 years and during that time we have been keenly aware of our environmental impact. We decided at our inception to provide our agricultural line of products (gates, panels, etc) with a powder coat finish. Powder coating goes on dry and does not require solvents (liquid paint does) so we are not releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Furthermore, we have upgraded our systems in the last 15 years to recycle the unused powder that is applied to all of our products.

In 2005 we upgraded our phosphate bath system so we could improve our washing system, recycle even more water than before, improve our powder coat adhesion and decrease our power requirements. We had been recycling and reusing the water in the phosphate bath system but this recent upgrade allowed us to reduce our water usage by over 30%.

In 2007 we had an energy survey done and we have replaced all of our incandescent bulbs in the factory with UFL bulbs. This has reduced our energy bill by 8% and it is much better for the environment. We also installed a brand new batch oven in 2007, reducing our energy consumption by 10%.

Since 2000 we have been offering our customers credits for turning in their old wine and water racks. We pick them up with our own trucks after our driver has delivered new racks and remove the old and damaged racks. We transport them straight to the recycling yard near our factory. It is a service to our customers and it avoids our customers making special trips to have their racks recycled or brought to the local landfill.

We are continuing to look at ways to be environmentally friendly. Our two projects for 2009 will be to look at incorporating more hybrid vehicles (we currently have one) and to look into solar energy systems. "Any new project that we undertake has to make sense for our business and it has to make sense for the environment," says Trygve Mikkelsen, President of Western Square. "We have a 22 year history of supplying quality products on time and at the right price, while staying true to the environment. Our dedication to this philosophy has not waned, only intensified."

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